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Scattered in Darkness

I silenced my voice and wait for the end

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Anne. 20. Asian. Female. 5'2. Virgo. Extremely Moody. Sarcastic. Like to Criticize. Abnormal. Insecure. Friendly. Unpredictable. Can be a bitch.
♫ Music ♫
アリス九號。, ヴィドール, ガゼット, 176BIZ, アヤビエ, An Cafe, ガイズファミリー, Kagrra, メガマソ, NEWS, Koda Kumi, Aya Kamiki, Super Junior, F.T Island, PIERROT, DBSK, シド, Golf & Mike, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Angelo, SuG, the TRAX, HYDE, ディー, 少女-ロリヰタ-23区, シリアル⇔number, ワタシメスラッグ, Amuro Namie, Hyori, ... figure out the rest!
How I Work ♥
Gaming. Listens to Music. Photoshop. MSN-ing. Phones. Stalks elgay. Uploading Musics. Write fanfics. Mock PVs/MVs. Have some random moments :]
Get This Off!
School. Elitist. Bitches. Backstabber. Liar. Being ignored. Math. Sisters. Homophobes. Emo. A lot of things.
Walk This Way~
Where the links and other stuff should be.
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